Pangea Restaurant & Lounge 

Pangea Restaurant and Lounge opened January 22, 2016 by former Chef and Owner of Maxine’s Fireweed Bistro, Chef Robert Lewis and former Chef and Owner of Hott Stixx Chef Mike Dodge. Together they have created a one of a kind restaurant in down town Anchorage AK.  Starting with the name Pangea- the super continent, where all of the flavors of the world are connected. We have taken authentic regional cuisine and created delicious innovative, yet simple straightforward food using the best and freshest local ingredients available.
Executive Chef Robert Lewis and his wife acquired a run down bar in Girdwood, Alaska called “Max’s Bar & Grill”. They changed the name to Maxine’s Bistro and wowed the town with an ever-changing menu using the freshest local ingredients possible. The restaurant moved to its mid town location in early 2012 but closed its doors August 2015 when a new opportunity presented itself. Sous Chef Mike Dodge a third generation Alaskan, his culinary career took off at a fairly young age.  A natural risk taker, Dodge has always taken what Alaskans love and created something amazing with it.
Pangea Restaurant & Lounge is located in the heart of Anchorage and we aim
become a farm to table restaurant while combining flavors from around the world using the best and freshest local ingredients available. We look forward to supporting our community and introducing the city of Anchorage to world of food.